August 8, 2016

                                             Dear Constituent, Friend, Patron and Supporters:

                                             Founded 1992, The Community Civil Rights Advocates Legal Defense Fund-For- Civil Rights Advocates and
                                             their Survivors USA  (popularly known as, TheCCRA-USA), in loving memory of the late
                                             Mrs Udella P Brown.  Mrs Browns' daughter, Ms Crystal S Brown, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer
                                             of TheCCRA-USA.  

                                             Mrs Udella P Brown along with numerous others, renowned and less renowned alike, e.g., The late Honorable Major R Owens, and
                                             Honorable Major R Owens, and the late Hal Mercer, III, Esq., Legally Advocated for many years for Civil Rights, Justice, and
                                             Equality in and about our Community of The United States of America for all Americans.

                                             TheCCRA-USA is a non-partisan, non-secterian organization. The primary function of Organization is to raise
                                             funds, and issue monetary grants to those persons who are in need of monetary assistance, and who may
                                             not necessarily qualify for existing legal assistance programs currently available within the realm of Civil Rights Litigation, i.e.,
                                             wrongful loss of employment, red-linning, etc., and for those who feel they are victimized and/or areunjustly treated by the "System..."

                                             TheCCRA-USA host its' Annual Breakfas and Membersip Fund Raiser at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The "2017,"
                                             Meeting will be announced. Vist: "http://cal.theccra-usa.com," or "http://annc.theccra-usa.com,"
                                             for the Organizations' Event and Meeting schedules, and further updates.

                                             Executive Personnel, Committee Chairpersons, Professional Members, and designated members, contingent upon the availability
                                             of funds, are reimbursed for incurred exspenses while on Official Community Business.  
Reimbursements are made on first
                                             come, first serve basis.